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CYLANCE vs WannaCry
Image April 18, 2017 TITAN News ttwpadmin

We have independently tested 8 different Antivirus brands against WanaCry. How do we test? We use April 2017 VMs and all AVs (except Cylance) signatures are updated to April as well. Cylance uses no signatures and policies are updated to April as well. Why April? That was before WannaCry is known! That is our objective.

Partner with Cylance
Image January 10, 2017 TITAN News ttwpadmin

Traditional Antivirus which relies on signature, can no longer protect from Zero Day threats and advance malware such as Ransomware. Many companies suffered from lots of attacks which crippled operation resulting in downtime and loss of data (due to being encrypted by Ransomware). TITAN SI has identified CYLANCE to be the perfect solution and has

Partner with DTEX Systems
Image September 3, 2016 TITAN News ttwpadmin

TITAN SI has been appointed by DTEX Systems as one of the only partner in Malaysia in offering businesses with Enterprise Internal Threat Prevention System. DTEX Systems is a solution offering internal intelligence on end points that provides companies with lots of early threat detection capabilities including locking out a user when Ransomware tries to