DTEX SYSTEM in Malaysia

TITAN SI is proud to be one of the only active partner in Malaysia for DTEX System, a very unique UEBA (User Entity Behaviour Analytics) solution which is falls under Cool Vendor in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2016 for UEBA.

Some key features:

Theft of Intellectual Property

Detect the internal or external theft of sensitive data that other security systems miss. Get the data that will allow you to stop data exfiltration before it happens. Fortune 500 company Sanyo is just one of the companies using Dtex to protect millions of dollars worth of IP.

Bypass Security Controls

See when controls are misconfigured or bypassed. 96% of Dtex assessments found users actively bypassing security measures.

Accidental Misuse

Accidents by users leave your organization exposed. Find and train the employees that are making the most serious mistakes.

Malicious Employees

Spot employees who are using corporate equipment for illegal activity or are trying to sabotage corporate systems. Historical Royal Palaces uses Dtex to protect huge volumes of customer credit card information.

Off-Network Risky Behavior

Bridge the crucial visibility gap and understand what users are doing with corporate devices while offline.

Fraud and Embezzlement

Detect the theft of inventory or customer data for sale to external parties. The Allianz Group, one of the world’s leading financial services providers, uses Dtex to find and stop potential fraud before it even begins.

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