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Email Spam Filtering

Spam filters are a vital tool as most of the emails are spam, therefore a robust spam filter loaded with features is critical to ensure spam-free and clean inboxes. The spam filter will scan your email for malware, viruses, spam, and phishing attacks and isolate all offending mails to a secure network quarantine thus protect your emails from user error, data leakage, threats and targeted attacks.

email spam filtering visual

Email Spam Filtering Features


Increase Productivity

Save time and resources by filtering unwanted daily spam messages, suspicious emails and have full control and transparency over your business emails.


Remove Spam & Viruses

Protect your emails with spam protection, anti-virus and anti-phishing technologies for a safer and spam free email system that detects and remove viruses upon entering your emails.


Save Time & Resources

24x7x365 ongoing updates and monitoring of your anti-spam system to ensure only relevant emails enter your network.


Secure Email Communication

Strong encryption to ensure sensitive emails is protected as it travels over the Internet.


Outage Protection

Spool your messages during server downtime and automatically delivers them once you’re back online.


Transparent & Reliable

Quarantine reports are available for users with a summary of spam stopped from reaching your mailbox.