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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection protects your business network when accessed by remote devices (employees and customers) such as laptops, smartphones, tablets or other wireless devices as these connections create attack paths for security threats. This also includes monitoring status, activities and software by installing relevant software on all network servers and on all endpoint devices.

The need for endpoint security intensifies with greater number of devices logging into a network as employees use devices to work outside office and logging into an organization network. Endpoint security protection ensures that such devices follow a definite level of compliance to standards. Find out more about enterprise endpoint protection and small endpoint protection by contacting us.

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Endpoint Protection Features

Defense Against The Unknown

Protect your devices against unknown malware, ransomware and prevent both known and never-seen-before malware by blocking it before it enters your system.

Security Defense

Prevent, detect and respond to unwanted threats with most advanced technologies for endpoint security protection for higher level of security defence.

Your Endpoints

Protect your endpoint devices from hackers who have started using vulnerable endpoints as entry points to target your sensitive data and high-value assets.

Security Breaches

Ensures your employee follows the right security protocols and running all devices on updated programs and systems to prevent security breaches.