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Design and Implementation

Fast and stable network solution either in wired or wireless form is the foundation of every successful enterprise. Software-Defined Networking or Network Function Virtualization offers great potential benefits in the long term run.

At TITAN, we have the capability, expertise and years of experience to create, configure and maintain network solutions with the top of the line hardware’s in the market in order to ensure fast and safe connections within the company. We provide you with the support you need to transform your network into a digital leadership platform.

LAN and WAN Solutions

We work with our customers to understand their specific needs and goals and then build up the network infrastructure as well as the total solutions. With years of experience in designing local and wide-area networking solutions, we provide data networking building blocks like routing and switching, networking standards like Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet as well as networking protocols like TCP/IP, and IPX.

Most likely, your network infrastructure starts with your Local Area Network. No matter what applications your business runs, your core LAN must be designed for high speed, extreme reliability, and ease of management. We offers a wide range of consulting, design, and implementation services as well as products with partnership from industry leaders, such as Cisco, HP, DELL etc. to ensure that your core network will be sound, robust, and scalable.

Our experts, networking consultants and networking engineers, design the most robust and cost-effective WAN solution available, such as IPVPN, and VPN, depending on your business needs. We have the right people, the right technology, and the right partners to design, build, and manage your networks.

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wireless solution

Wireless Solutions

Wireless is an integral part of your employees’ and customers’ experience, but it holds much more than what is showing on the surface. Properly managed, wireless is able to aid in workplace efficiency, cut costs and bring new business opportunities.

Shaping your wireless future requires a clear vision of industry and consumer trends, a detailed understanding of technology, a clear awareness of the challenges, requirements and possibilities each sector poses. Our engineers paired with the big players in the industries such as CISCO, ARUBA, RUCKUS and so much more will assist to provide the best solutions for your needs.