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Network Protection

A breach in network security can cost enterprises a great deal in losing assets in terms of data, knowledge, productivity and even customer loyalty. In dynamic cyber era, IT workers are facing tremendous threats like virus attacks, data interception, trojan horse programs, vandals, denial of services attacks, intrusion attacks, and social issues, from which enterprises can prevent by adopting solid network security strategy along with an all-rounded implementation plan.

With extensive experience in deploying network infrastructure, TITAN provides a wide range of network security tools, including anti-virus software, firewall, intrusion detection system, access control, network infrastructure, VPN, data encryption, security management, and enterprise networking.

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Network Protection Features

Access Control

Keep out potential attackers by blocking non-compliant devices or limit your network access with our network access control.

Malware Tracking and Removal

Track malware upon entry and continuously runs through your files to find anomalies, fix damage and remove malware.

Application security

Application security closes any vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers to infiltrate your network.

Behavioral analytics

Automatically determine activities that deviated from norm to identify potential threats for instant threats remediation.

Data loss prevention

Stop people from forwarding, uploading and printing information in a unsafe manner with our data loss prevention.

Email security

Control outbound messages and block incoming attacks to prevent loss of sensitive data.


Maintain your security with first layer of defense to secure sensitive information

Intrusion prevention systems

Track the progression of malware and suspicious files across the network to prevent the spread of infection in the system.

Mobile device security

Control devices access to your network by configurating your connections to maintain a private network traffic.

Network segmentation

Software-defined segmentation for easier security policies enforcement by categorizing network traffic into different classifications.


Exchange data securely and anonymously across the internet with virtual private network (VPN).

Wireless security

Prevent outside exploitation by securing your network system.