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Public Cloud

Public Cloud hosting via pooled of shared physical resources accessible through a public network. You may select the best package based on your budget.

hybrid private cloud

Hybrid Private Cloud

Avoid unnecessary operational cost
with hybrid private cloud hosting
that specifically tailored
to your business infrastructure.

private cloud

Private Cloud

Enjoy exclusive cloud hosting privilege on 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure for your business with guaranteed security and control of a single tenant.

What Makes TITAN Cloud Incredible?


High Availability

Our system is designed to operate
continuously without failure
managed cloud

Professionally Managed

TITAN takes care of your hardware
visualization and management
integrated backup solution

Integrated Backup Solution

Reduce management time by 50% as
integrated backup solution applied
customer support

Customer Support

Reach our experienced professionals
24/7/365 for support

Flexibility & Scalability

Resize your infrastructure to deal
with traffic spikes on demand
no billing surprise

Transparent Billing

Enjoy premium features
with no hidden cost