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Private Cloud Infrastructure

The private cloud provides you with a unique solution that comes with scalability of the cloud on a 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure. We are using VMWare technology to virtualize your infrastructure and it is fully managed by our IT professionals.

With private cloud, you will get the scalability, agility and efficiency of the public cloud, a 99.99% uptime guaranteed with greater level of security and control of a single tenant and a dedicated environment. You also have the freedom to choose whether you want to host it on-site at your own data centre or at our data centre.

Why Private Cloud?

40GB Unlimited Bandwidth Connectivity Internally

40GB Unlimited Bandwidth Connectivity Internally

system integration and backup services

Dedicated And Private Infrastructure

Easily control your VMWare environment and resources with a familiar VCloud toolset.

On Demand Scalability

You can instantly scale your resources up or down and easily reallocate your dedicated resources based on your rapidly changing requirements with just a few clicks or autonomously.

Private Cloud Benefits

Powered by VMware

Fully dedicated server powered by VMware

Cloud private 2

Remote Monitoring Portal

All of your instances is
remotely monitored using PRTG.


Full SAS/SSD or a combination of both

Automatic Backup

Automated backup solution powered by VEEAM running in background.

vmware 2

99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT) the platforms offers uptime guarantees for your cloud server.

Start with minimum of 2 Hosts, Software Defined Storage or SAN storage, and Hypervisor or physical servers.

Private cloud

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What Makes Our Private Cloud Incredible?

High Availability

Our system is designed to operate
continuously without failure.

Professionally Managed

TITAN takes care of your hardware visualization
and management.


Your Cloud will be safe as TITAN
Anti-DDoS Protection is included.

No Billing Surprise

Fixed subscription amount even your instances
resources spikes unexpectedly.

Flexibility & Scalability

You can resize your infrastructure to deal
with traffic spikes on demand.

Customer Support

Reach our Experienced Professionals 24/7/365
for support.

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