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What is SSL?

SSL Certificate refers to a special file on your web server that allows encrypted security for online communications. SSL offers extra layers of security by creating an encrypted connection between your visitor’s web browser and your web server for a safer transmission of private information (such as for debit card and credit card details) without security issues such as data tampering, message forgery or eavesdropping.

You need to get an SSL Certificate to enable SSL certificate for your website that identifies your business and install it on the server. You might have encountered a website with SSL without realizing it especially if you’ve bought anything through online medium. A website that utilizes SSL Certificate usually can be signified by a padlock icon on the web browsers, but it could also be indicated by a green address bar.

Types of SSL Certificate




Domain Validation SSL

We offer Domain Validation SSL certificates for small websites and non-e commerce platforms.

Business  Validation SSL

Business Validation certificates build high trust level, help increase conversions and protect every single bit of information transferred via your website.

Extended Validation SSL  

Get Extended Validation SSL certificate which includes a Green Address Bar with your verified company name inside.


Protect Sensitive Info

Prevent leakage of sensitive data such as passwords and credit card numbers from irresponsible parties.

Gain Trust and Confidence

Ensure the confidence of your potential customers to perform any online transaction on your website.

Website Credibility

Assist your visitor to identify the legitimacy of your website and increase their trust on your website.